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Sleep and Brain

Sleep Helps in Flushing Away Waste from Brain

Recent study, published in Journal Science discovered that sleeping is actually good for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological diseases. Researchers from University …


Circumcision may Lower the Risk of HIV Infection

Condom is one of the common prevention methods against sexual transmitted infection and HIV infection. Studies suggests that male circumcision decreases the …

beetroot, hypertension, high blood pressure

Beetroot (甜菜根) could Reduce High Blood Pressure

              Beta vulgaris, is commonly called beet (in English), 甜菜根(in Chinese) and Kamus (in Malay) is …

red meat, cardiovascular disease

Red Meat causes Cardiovascular Disease

Atherosclerosis is a cardiovascular disease where the arteries are hardened by the accumulation of fatty deposits. The accumulation of fatty deposits increase …

Breath Test could Detect Stomach Cancer

Biopsy of the stomach lining is taken using upper digestive endoscopy and histopathological evaluation are used in the current practice to detect the stomach cancer. In …

Quadruple Helix DNA found in Human Cells

Cambridge University scientists found four-stranded DNA in human cells for the first time.

In the lesson from the secondary biology until university level, we were taught that the structure  is double helix, anti parallel bound by hydrogen bonds. Watson and Crick discovered double helix of DNA (secret of life).

Today, new form was found.

New quadruple helix DNA was found by researchers from Cambridge University. It is found in all human cells and might be related to cancer. It is a novel finding where the control of the structure of DNA could be used to control and fight diseases. Prof Balasubramaninan said that the synthetic molecules contained the G-quadruplex could be make to block the runaway tumor cell proliferation. It is key interest in the study of cancers, which were usually driven by genes, or oncogenes, that had mutated to increase DNA replication.

Balasubramanian’s group has been pursuing a four-stranded version of the molecule which called G-quadruplex. The G is guanine base. The G-quadruplex forms the structure of DNA.


Deoxyribonucleic acid
Quadruple helix DNA (From BBC News)

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