Breath Test could Detect Stomach Cancer

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Histopathology of Stomach Cancer
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Biopsy of the stomach lining is taken using upper digestive endoscopy and histopathological evaluation are used in the current practice to detect the stomach cancer.

In developing countries, this procedure may not widely applied for screening purpose only unless there is clinical symptoms. Thus, non-invasive tests should be invented to replace the invasive methods.

Latest research done by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology suggested that nanomaterial-based breath test could be used to detect stomach cancer from the patient who complaint of gastric problems.

In the study, alveolar exhaled breath samples from 130 patients who had the gastric complaint were taken. Out of the 130 patients, 37 had stomach cancer, 32 had ulcers and 61 mild conditions were analyzed with endoscopy and biopsy. They were analyzed using nanomaterial-based sensors.

From the preliminary result, five volatile organic compounds (2-propenenitrile, 2-butoxy-ethanol, furfural, 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one and isoprene) were significant found in stomach and ulcer patients compared to patients with less severe stomach complaint using chemical analysis

it could be used to diagnose stomach cancer and differentiated them from other gastric diseases. The pilot study did not provide far reaching conclusions, large clinical trial study has been initiated by the team.

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